Breastfeeding should be YOUR choice and if it is WIN Four ESSENTIALS from us!

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Fourteen years ago I was an overwhelmed, terrified first-time mom lying in a hospital bed after almost 24 hours of labor at a teaching hospital, where it seemed like my vagina was open for business and public viewing.  Suffice it say, I was exhausted and when a La Leche  representative walked into my room and began to rattle off how important it was for me to start breastfeeding as soon as possible; I begrudgingly obliged. Although I had planned to formula feed — and even bought the bottles I had planned to use — the breastfeeding cheerleader was not going to let me go without a fight. After several minutes of indoctrinating me with guilt, I succumbed to the pressure to be a dutiful mother and give my baby the best possible start — which she implored me would not be possible if I chose formula over breast milk.

Breastfeeding should be YOUR choice and if it is WIN Four ESSENTIALS from us!

Those first two months were brutal my daughter seemed unable to latch on properly and we had a bit of an adjustment period which was consisted of me sobbing for the better part of most days. My inability to breastfeed had me feeling completely inept that something as natural as breastfeeding felt like the most unnatural and trickiest part of motherhood for me.

I also craved my pre-baby body back, and felt that I’d done my part to house my daughter for nine months- during which time I swore off coffee, diet soda and the hardest sacrifice; letting my blonde highlights fade to brown . I was honestly ready to reclaim my body-and allow my husband equally shoulder the feeding responsibilities. And yet- the opposition I experienced from other mothers, as well as my La Leche local chapter- was akin to my basically denying my baby the sustenance she rightfully deserved. I felt so incredibly guilty for wanting to choose formula over breast milk, so I soldiered on for three more weeks until my cracked, raw nipples had reached their limit. And still  years after the fact, I feel guilty.

Of course with the perspective of many years I realize one thing- breastfeeding is a CHOICE. There are NO right or wrong choices. But if You do decide to breastfeed luckily there are some breastfeeding  products that make life easier for breastfeeding mothers and the best part we are GIVING THEM ALL AWAY TO ONE LUCKY READER!

Win the Kiinde Twist feeding system from

the Kiinde Twist feeding system A twist on infant breastmilk feeding, the Kiinde Twist feeding system allows you to directly pump from ANY pump into breastmilk storage pouches with leak-proof, twist-locking caps. You can then label, organize, store, warm, and feed from that same pouch – without ever having to transfer precious breast milk from bottles to bags. Collapsible pouches completely eliminate gas from your baby’s meal, and Active Latch nipples are designed to teach natural breastfeeding behaviors that ease the transition between bottle and breast.


Win a NuRoo Nursing Scarf at

NuRoo Nursing Scarf:  The Nursing Scarf was designed as a favorite accessory for mom, so she has it on her when needed. The snaps on either end let her customize her coverageL wrapped or draped, front and back, over the shoulder or around her neck. We chose fabric that is super-soft, moisture wicking, breathable, wrinkle free, and not distracting for baby. Added bonus, she’ll love this fashionable scarf long after her breastfeeding days!

Key Features:

  • Lightweight, breathable fabric that feels great on.
  • Snaps along the scarf allow for customized coverage and discrete nursing.
  • So many ways to wear, the possibilities are endless!

Win a NURSE PURSE from

Nurse Purse: With room to carry a pump, cooler, laptop and more, the Nurse Purse truly is a better breast pump bag. Designed for breastfeeding Moms on the go, the Nurse Purse is a stylish step up from the standard-issue black nylon bag. With a sturdy removable insert that holds your breast pump securely in place, water and stain resistant fabrics, and room for all your essentials, the Nurse Purse is the only bag you’ll need. Designed to hold your pump, cooler, all your gear and your personal items – it’s the only bag you’ll need to carry.

Win the Mamachic's reversible bamboo scarf from

the Mamachic. This reversible bamboo scarf will be available in September. Designed in Mamachic’s signature shape with strategic snap buttons, moms be able to wear the Mamachic in countless ways, then seamlessly convert it into a nursing cover, burp cloth or swaddle blanket. Mamachic is machine-washable, available in a choice of 4 color combinations and made in the USA!

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    Great giveaway! I’m due in 7 1/2 weeks and I’d love this prize! I follow you on Facebook as Mary Happymommy.

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