What would YOUR Mommy Rehab look like; this is mine

It seems like every time I turn on the television or open a magazine-there’s a newsy alert that yet another celebrity has entered rehab…Imagine having unlimited funds and hand-servants to do your bidding- and still not being able to handle all the pressure! What about all us regular moms, trying to stay on this treadmill of tending to our children’s every need and desire while attempting to successfully balance a career, still remain a skinny minny–okay that is one thing I am SO Over!- and have a fantastic relationship with our spouse! You know what I’d really love; a Mommy rehab! Because despite the fact that I love my kids to death– heck I went through major agony; infertility treatments, way more needles than I ever thought I could endure, poking and prodding to finally conceive my son– all these mommy expectations are so overwhelming!

What does your Mommy Rehab look like?
Back in the STONE AGE when my kids were younger if I could’ve create the perfect rehab setting it would be; an hour long venting session with other mommies- who like me finally had a place where they could honestly admit- that sometimes, they would rather be doing anything but playing blocks with their kids, coloring pictures or reading Dr. Seuss…just writing that down I was afraid the Bad Mommy brigade was going to come and take my kids away from me! Now that my kids are slightly older mommy rehab looks more like this: getting a reprieve from the non-stop barrage of superheroes trivia my son is INSISTS on regaling me with and having my daughter promise me she will not utter the words I’m BORED (lest she be in the market for a job in which case I have MANY JOBS to send her way) oh yes and SOMEONE ELSE would do all the dishes, laundry and not very glam mommy work.
Of course my MOMMY REHAB would always  includes ENDLESS HOURS  to do whatever I wanted-which in my case would be to actually read the last six issues of O magazine, cover to cover-I must admit there are many things about Miss Winfrey that I’m not crazy about- but the woman sure knows how to hire great people to produce for her! If you haven’t read the magazine- I would say pick up a copy- it far exceeds the superficial –lose 10 lbs. in ten days superficial fare most of the glossies are offering these days. Then, I would take a yoga or pilates class, for the very first time, and FORCE myself to finally learn how to relax and maybe even get even a little meditation in.

But I’m sure by the time the sky turned dark, my mind would begin to wander and I’d begin to miss my son’s sweet cherubic cheeks, his bear hugs, the way his glasses slide down his nose and he resembles an old man wearing bifocals, and I’d miss my daughter imploring me to find her pink skirt…

Okay…I’ll settle for Mommy rehab once a week for two hours–What would your favorite “rehab” activities be?


  1. says

    You are so right! I was so stressed out when my kids were little. Between trying to be the perfect wife, mom, stepmom all while being under a microscope from my family, the thought of a mental ward seemed like a vacation for me. Lol. I wish there was a Mommy rehab! My favorite activities would just be venting in a suana and passing out during a massage :)

  2. Izz Marani says

    I like yours!! LOL! I would settle for time to float on my pool float (the one I bought for myself and everyone else uses) and read and bake in the sun and not have to check the time to see when I have to go get someone from somewhere.

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