Want to change up your hair, without cutting it or sewing in extensions? Mama this giveaway’s for you!

Congrats to our winners: Cat, Erin and Diana!

Whether you may know this or not- I got a Brazilian (yes I told everyone I got one of them and they all thought I was referring to a Brazilian on my naughty parts!) But alas no I actually got a Brazilian hair treatment- which cost me a FORTUNE and only lasted about four months at which point I had to go back to the salon and fork over another king’s ransom worth of shekels.

      Change up your hair, without cutting it or sewing in extensions!So if you’re feeling the need to change up your look, temporarily- a pretty fabulous option; the new Dancing with the Stars Hair Collection which essentially allows you to recreate the high-impact looks of the show in the comfort of your home. These new clip-in hair extensions, hair wraps, braided headbands, and clip in bangs provide “all the mega-watt appeal of the ballroom stars with none of the complicated steps”. The line includes 6 hairpieces designed to clip in, pop on, or slip into your own hair in less than a minute. Each piece is named with a catchy ballroom-inspired name. Made with human hair or the patented Tru2Life heat-friendly synthetic fiber, each hairpiece promises to be as stylable as it is affordable. And if you are a Dancing with the Stars fan, then you’re aware that the new season’s competitors have been unveiled. The twelve-member celebrity cast will consist of, Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi, Christina Milian and Leah Remini, to name a few.

We’ve forecasted hairstyles that we think might be seen on the new season and that you can try at home, using the Dancing with the Stars Hair Extension collection.

High Buns: To create a variant of this style at home, comb hair up at the crown and clip in the Dancing with the Stars Hair Extension in Glamarama ($20: Hairextensions.com) that add a high volume to your high bun or the Salsaloosa ($15: Sallybeauty.com) for more of a “jazzed” look.


Long Waves: Dramatic length and overall volume always look good on the dance floor. To enhance any length of hair, start by teasing hair at the crown and clipping in the Dancing with the Stars Go! Go! Girl Extensions ($49: Hairextensions.com), which instantly adds allover length.


Ethereal Braids: Simply add a braid (or two or three!) to your hairstyle with the Dancing with the Stars Hair Extension in Bellissima ($10: ULTA.com).

So mamas…I’m giving away all THREE of these hair pieces to THREE lucky winners. To enter the giveaway leave a comment about the worst hair experience you’ve had ( bad haircut, bad dye job– because we all have been there and you know misery LOVES company! For a second entry you can Follow@MelissaSChapman on Twitter and Retweet this giveaway!  For a third entry you can Like The Staten Island family on facebook! For a fourth entry you can follow MelissaSChapmanwriter on Instagram and for a fifth entry you can follow @MelissaSchapman on Pinterest Good luck! Giveaway ends October 13th!


  1. Diana C says

    Once I went to the salon I always go to and they had mixed up my appointment somehow. I got a “new” stylist. Well, I was already there and decided to go with her, since the company had my details written down (color preferences). I went ahead and got my highlights but right before I left, my honey highlights ended up making me look like carrot top! (You know, the comedian?!) My beautiful dark brown hair had these copper/brassy orange highlights coming out like lightening bolts out of my hair. Needless to say I cried. It was three months before my wedding and my hair looked like this? The next day, I went back and another stylist fixed. it. Such a nightmare.

    Diana C

  2. says

    I’ve had too many bad hair moments to share in one comment box. I cut my own hair twice when I was in junior high. The 2nd time? I CUT MY OWN BANGS. WAAAAYYY TOOOOO SHORT! and to make matters worse? i had acne on my forehead at the time. so dumb of me.

    Another time was when Rachel on Friends got that short chunky bob w/ bangs? I had to have it. So I got it. NOT GOOD. It was awful. And took forever to grow out. Le sigh.

  3. Cat says

    Once I tried to go blonde at home (I’m a dark brunette), and it was so many trips to the beauty supply store until I finally went to the salon to get it fixed. It came out cute as a pretty golden light brown. At home what I did was so crazy I looked like a lit match! From now on I’ll be changing my look safely and these pieces are the way to go!

  4. says

    When I was a teenager, instead of giving me my usual caramel highlights, the stylist fave me platinum. I looked like I had grey hair! I went to go get it fixed and the stylist mixed the color wrong and put red in it. I ended up with burgundy hair!

  5. says

    This is very cool! I’ve had a long list of bad hair situations but the only I will never forget – I was getting ready to start my junior year of high school and I wanted Monica’s (Friends) long layer shoulder length cut. I had previously sported the Rachel cut for over a year. The layers had grown out, so I was going for a more classic look but still with style. Apparently the hair stylist didn’t know what “long layers” meant because somehow I left looking like Mrs. Brady. Yes, like the mother from The Brady Bunch. NOT GOOD! Long story short, I had to go to different hair salon and the only fix was to go to a boy cut. Yes, a super short, I will wear a ball cap until this grows out SHORT! Looking back at it, it did give me a handful of pictures that make me cringe but it didn’t ruin my life. Just hair. Thanks to this situation though I ALWAYS take a picture with me to my hair appointments! Fun giveaway!

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