The verykool® RS90 Vortex: A Child Proof SmartPhone that won’t cause you to have heart palpitations if your kid plays with it

I’ll be honest. I’ve always wanted a white couch. I wanted a white rug. I wanted white walls. But I have kids and dogs- and so I’ve traded in my white hopes for some red and maroon ones instead; colors which are MUCH MORE FORGIVING! And when it comes to my tech gadgets- yes I’ve had my share of kids accidentally dropping,  just plain messing with my “equipment” and on occasion have had a lone tear trickle down my cheek as my SMART device SHATTERED int a million tiny glass fragments- I am ALWAYS searching for devices that are CHILDPROOF aka FORGIVING.

The verykool® RS90 Vortex: A Child Proof SmartPhone

Can your average smart phone keep up with the demands of your child? Consumers have spent billions of dollars over the past few years repairing damaged phones. Clearly the average phone was not built to keep up with many of us – especially those with little hands! The verykool® RS90 Vortex smartphone is up for the task!

Although elegant in its design (looks and feels like any other smartphone so cool enough for your kid), the Vortex is extremely ruggedized with an ingress protection rating of IP67, indicating that it is both dust proof and waterproof.  It also is shock resistant and outfitted with tempered scratch resistant Corning® Gorilla® glass.

All verykool phones use GSM technology and will function on any GSM carrier network including AT&T, T-Mobile, TracFone, MVNOs using their networks and many regional carriers around the U.S. This full-featured phone, powered by a 1.2 GHz dual core processor and the Android 4.0 operating system is available now and comes in two versions:  a single SIM version for operator customers and a dual SIM (unlocked) version for the open market (meaning – available for you to buy directly and not through a carrier).  The RS90 Vortex suggested retail price is $279 (U.S.) – that is an unsubsidized price so no contracts required (giving you freedom of choice!) – an exceptional value.

Some of its features:

  • Rugged

    Ingress Protection Rating IP67 (waterproof and dust-proof), shock resistant and with Corning® Gorrilla® glass.

  • HAC

    The RS90 is hearing aid compatible making it more convenient than ever to use with your hearing aid device.

  • 3G

    Enjoy the high speed of browsing the Internet and downloading files with your phone.

  • Bluetooth

    Get linked to other systems and share data in a simple and speedy way.

  • Wi-Fi / Wi-Fi Hotspots

    All connectivity options anywhere you go.

  • Camera

    Two cameras to capture the images only you and your lifestyle can provide, and to do videoconference.

  • Messaging

    Stay connected with your loved ones via SMS, MMS, and e-mail.

  • Memory

    Increase your phone’s storage capacity, and take your data and entertainment anywhere you go.

  • Multimedia

    Your phone offers you the entertainment that you deserve. Listen to your favorite radio stations and music, and record your preferred sounds.

  • In other words… LITTLE KIDS BRING IT ON- this The verykool® RS90 Vortex smartphone can take anything you can dish out!

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