To celebrate The BRITAX “FREE RIDE” PROMOTION we’ve got two FABULOUS BRITAX giveaways!

Congrats to our winner Lianne!

If you read this blog you know my kids were RAISED on Britax and this fabulous company is always looking for ways to give parents a lil something something ( a big reason I Adore them) and their BRITAX “Free Ride” Event which runs June 1-30, 2013, while supplies lasts IS NO EXCEPTION!  Purchase a B-READY stroller and get a free stroller-compatible product with BRITAX‘s Free Ride promotion.

 Win a BRITAX  Stroller Board and  Stroller Organizer

During the month of June, parents in the market for a versatile stroller will receive a bonus: their choice of one free BRITAX B-SAFE Infant Car Seat ($179.99) Bassinet ($149.99) , or Second Seat  ($149.99) with a purchase of the B-READY stroller The B-READY is a modular stroller that can be converted from a single stroller to a two-child or twin system using any combination of stroller seats, bassinet and infant car seats in 14 configurations.
The B-READY offers convenient features, such as foam-filled rubber wheels, a removable seat that can be positioned forward- or rear-facing, an adjustable, no re-thread five-point harness system, four recline positions and full suspension ensuring a smooth ride. The stroller’s flat fold allows parents to easily store it with or without the seat attached.

The B-READY comes in several fashions with a suggested retail price of $499.99. It is available at mass and independent retail stores. Customers must redeem their free BRITAX infant car seat, bassinet or second seat at the point of purchase.

To celebrate BRITAX‘s Free Ride promotion we are giving ONE LUCKY reader a chance to win a  Britax Stroller Board and a A  BRITAX STROLLER ORGANIZER!

The  Britax Stroller Board The BRITAX Stroller Board easily attaches to most strollers providing travel options for additional children. Three wheels with independent suspension provide a comfortable and stable ride for children weighing up to 50 pounds. The quick release design enables easy removal and installation of the stroller board. The stroller board can easily be adjusted to accommodate your child’s height. When not in use, the storage strap will hold the board up and out of the way. ($89.99)

The BRITAX STROLLER ORGANIZER provides convenient storage for all essentials while out for a stroll. The organizer easily and securely attaches to almost any stroller handle and is adjustable to the stroller handle angle and width. Two insulated beverage holders keep cold drinks cold and warm drinks warm. An internal frame provides structure and creates effortless removal and replacement of bottles or cups. The large center compartment features a magnetic closure that won’t wake your sleeping baby when opened. Three outside pockets are easily accessible for small items such as cell phones or keys. The collapsible design does not interfere with the stroller fold. ($29.99)

For a chance at winning these TWO Britax Goodies leave a comment with how these accessories will make your job as a parent easier! For a second entry you can Follow @MelissaSChapman on Twitter and Retweet this giveaway! For a Third entry you can Like The Staten Island family on facebook!  For a fourth entry you can follow MelissaSChapmanwriter on Instagram and for a fifth entry you can follow @MelissaSchapman on Pinterest Good luck! Giveaway ends May 21st!



  1. Shifra says

    We have one that would love to “catch a ride” on his brother’s stroller and everyone can use some more organization!

  2. Jennifer K. C. says

    This would make it easier for me because I have a two and a half year old and sometimes she gets tired but doesnt want anything to do with actually sitting in the stroller, so the board would be great. I also have a seven month old!

  3. lisa bolduc says

    the free ride will make my life easier by not having to worry about when to do when my older one gets tired

  4. D Schmidt says

    They will make my life easier because it means I will have my hands free and that my older son has a mode of transport when he gets tired.

  5. jenni shelton says

    I have two toddlers and one stroller, I know crazy huh?? this board and organizer would be a delight to have, then my girls both could ride when their little feet give out instead of taking turns. WE plan on going to SeaWorld this summer and this would be awesome to have for the trip. Thanks for the chance!

  6. Alex Fisher says

    My daughter hate sitting in the stroller these days, but with 2 kids I need to keep her close. The board would be perfect option for her!

  7. rachel travis says

    Life is full of multi tasking and this will take some stress off!

    rachelmarietravis at gmail dot com

  8. Jennifer says

    This would be for my sister! She has a toddler and an older son and she could really use this!!

  9. Laura Jacobson says

    Oh both of these items would be so helpful! I love the stroller board! With the new baby….it would be so great for Lucas when he gets tired! So neat!!!! I also love the organizer…so great to have a place to carry stuff!

  10. Tian A. says

    My daughter could use stroller board when she has little brother/sister and the stroller organizer will be very useful for me to put a cup, key and candy. Thank you for the chance.

  11. Dana West says

    This would make things so much easier! I already need a few more hands and these would definitely help out with that!

  12. amanda randolph says

    I would love to win so when we are out walking at the park, or going to the mall I can keep track of everyone and everything!

  13. cassandra says

    I think it is always handy to have an extra seat available! Would be great for play dates and such. I think the organization bag of course is always great because who doesn’t need organization in their life??

  14. Stephanie Phelps says

    Just having something handy and already packed and easy to keep with me would make my life easier!

  15. Benjamin Spaulding says

    I just saw the Britax stroller console yesterday at the park and it’s awesome! I need to get one before our Disney trip and winning it would be awesome! The stroller board would be useful as well with our little one wanting to walk more, but not able to actually keep the pace or tire early without wanting to get back in the stroller. I might rename “Daddy’s back-saver”.

  16. Katie Robison says

    It always helps to have an extra seat just when you need it. It’s not needed all the time so I like that I have an options to choose single or double. Thanks

  17. beth z says

    i would LOVE to let my 3 yr old walk more and having the stroller board on our bready would be great to let her stand and get a break from walking! i love the idea of having a stroller organizer! we take water bottles with us everywhere and the other pocket would be handy for my keys and phone :) thanks for this wonderful giveaway!

  18. Linda says

    I plan on registering for the organizer, so it’s an accessory I would love to have. As for the stroller board, my husband thinks it’s awesome and we plan on having more kids! I follow you on pinterest (lmdg80).

  19. Maryanne says

    Oh these product will make my life so much better with 5kids total and twins plus one more little one it is a MUST. What a blessing to win these items. Thank you

  20. Beth Chretien says

    My second youngest would love riding on the stroller board, and with 4 kids the organiser would be very handy!

  21. Conor S. says

    They would make our lives easier as first time parents, and they would be perfect because we just got a BOB!

  22. Laiken says

    Would love the board for our toddler on the go for when he needs to catch a breath! Extra storage, I think so! Who doesn’t need more storage with children! I would love the added space with the parent caddy.

  23. Melissa Henry says

    My 2 year old isn’t much for sitting in the stroller so this would be fun for him. Plus we need more storage.

  24. Kimberlie says

    These will help me have more cup holders for my older boy’s drinks and a place for my 3 year old to stand when he gets too tired on our walks! Thanks for the chance!

  25. Johnny Kelley says

    We could use this so much. We have the B-Agile and B-Safe for our little boy. We are now working on a second baby, and this would help us a ton. We are also moving mommy from a full time job to a full time mom, and this would be a massive blessing for us. Thanks for giving this away, and congrats to whomever gets such an awesome gift! Oh, and I am following Staten Island Family on FB!

  26. April Kraft says

    I just purchased a Britax stroller and I’d love to have the organizer to go with it. I purchased a different brand organizer and it just doesn’t work. It’s flimsy and popped the top off my hot tea and splled it all over – not good. I’d love to put this organizer on my new stroller!

  27. Elisa M says

    We have a toddler and another baby on the way. Letting the toddler “ride” instead of being strapped in would prevent a lot of meltdowns! As for the organizer, anyone who has a toddler understands you need 100 places to put snacks and cups!

  28. Amanda W. says

    This roller board would be great as my children make the transition back to a sible stroller, I have a 1.5 and 3 yo. and who doesn’t love an organizer to keep thie little things needed at hand.

    Also tweeted, followed on twitter, instagram, and pinterest :)
    Amanda W

  29. Holly says

    Organizer would bee awesome, we tend to lack space. The board would save me so much trouble with my toddler. Who knows, maybe mama will take a little jaunt on it as well,

  30. Jennifer says

    I am a freak about being organized…. it makes my life easier, simplier and I am much more prepared! I love these goodies that can organize my stroller!

  31. Holly Maloof says

    I like you on Facebook – this will definitely make my life as a mom easier! It will help me to lose all of this baby weight and get me out there walking! I am just July 17th and I don’t have a stroller or car seat yet! Hoping to win this to save some money and not have to buy it! On a teacher’s salary I’m not sure I could afford it on my own!

  32. Anne A. says

    This would be great for our B-Agile! The organizer looks so much better than the generic one we have on it now!

  33. Anne A. says

    This would be great for our B-Agile! The organizer looks so much better than the generic one we have on it now! What a great contest!

  34. ivy h says

    Would love to keep my toddler on the stroller board while the baby is in the stroller! And i definitely would love a place to keep the sippy cups and bottles while out and about with the stroller.

  35. susan says

    This would help keep my two little ones from bickering and driving us all crazy! Everyone would have their own place and space.

  36. Rebeca Kanagy says

    I have a B Ready and my daughter loves it! But I don’t have a second seat and this board would be so nice for when I babysit my cousin’s daughter and we walk to the park near my house, then little legs wont get tired. The organizer is great too because then I can put my phone and keys in it and not have to be bending down into the basket when I need it.
    I liked your facebook page and followed you on instagram and pinterest.

    • Rebeca Kanagy says

      forgot to mention my usenames: on Facebook and Pinterest (Rebeca Kanagy) and on Instagram (brazilnut2012)

  37. Miranda Welle says

    With 4 kids, any help I can get would be great. The 2 year old could use the stroller board and I’d love a place to put my cup!

  38. Amber says

    I have 3 children so the board would be very useful! I also don’t have any type of stroller organizer on my Britax B-Agile so that would also be helpful!

  39. Anica says

    The board would be great for my 3yr old to ride on .. and the organizer will keep the chaos .. well organized!!

  40. Melanie M says

    It would be great to have these accessories for my new Britax B-Ready stroller. I love the stroller and with the stroller board my son could ride along while we push our new baby coming in the fall! I love Britax!

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