Tips to get your Kids Reading this Summer: it is Easier Than You Think!

I’ve got no magic bullet  and I am not here to tell you that getting your child to actually crack open a book will illicit anything other than several moans and groans– but if you’ve got the right tools- it can make the your task infinitely easier!

Here are Sylvan’s helpful summer reading tips for parents and kids:

Infants & Toddlers:

•Start reading while pregnant or as soon as children are born! They won’t understand the words, but they will feel the rhythm.

•Board books should be in the toy box.

•Get them involved: Let toddlers help turn the pages.

•Encourage their imaginations: Have toddlers and preschoolers “read” to you by making up stories to go along with wordless books.

Learning to Read:

•Books with repetitive phrases are good for children to chime in and repeat with you – they’ll begin to anticipate the phrases.

Starting to Read:

•Mix it up! Read a page, then let each child try a page on their own. Reading the same book as you helps increase their confidence in their own skills.

•Begin reading longer chapter books to your kids. Listening to books above their reading levels will boost their vocabularies!

•Turn on the subtitles while watching television or DVDs.

All Young Readers:

 •Find books about their interests. Don’t give up if your local bookstore or library doesn’t have what you’re looking for. Instead, search book review Web sites and online stores.

•Incorporate reading into educational adventures. Read books about animals and then visit the zoo, or follow up story times with related craft projects.

•Above all, make reading part of your daily routine.

Here are some books- which at the very least will help you to begin the reading process…


Age Appeal: 4-9.

Told in a soothing style, this book serves as a bedtime/naptime story for younger children or an animal geography book for older children. Includes an Animal Adaptation Matching Activity, River Map Activities, and Find the animals and their rivers on the map section.


My Half Day

Age Appeal: 4-8.


Teaching fractions. The imaginative illustrations are sure to please young readers as they scour the pages for countless oddities hidden in the art. Activities include We use fractions all the time, Measuring the fractions in recipes, Match the fraction to the picture activity, and A pizza party!




Saturn for my Birthday

Age Appeal: 4-8

Facts about Saturn are woven seamlessly throughout this funny story as Jeffrey explains just what he’ll do with his present and how he’ll take care of it. Activities include Solar System Fun Facts, Saturn Fun Facts, and Edible Rings Activity.
Whistling Wings

Age Appeal: 5-9

Teaches natural science. Activities include Tundra Swan Fun Facts, Tundra Swan Life Cycle Sequencing Activity, Migration Fun Facts, and Animal Adaptation Matching Activity.

Where kids/parents can purchase theses book?

Sylvan Dell Publishing and your local booksellers (big and small, although they may have to put in a request to have copies ordered.)

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