Tips and tricks to make Mommy CAMP a big success

If you are one of those BRAVE mommies boldly going where few of us moms dare, otherwise known as attempting to be camp counselor and activities director of your very own CAMP MOMMY then you’re going to need a bit of help keeping those “campers of yours entertained”. If they’re anything like mine they’re prone to getting bored pretty quickly regardless of how much kiddie paraphernalia I roll out for them and really; how many times can they watch the same episodes of Regular Show… okay– I just asked my son and he told me- she could watch Cartoon Network all day long!

Still one of the quite lovely things about summer is the unstructured play time that our kids can reap during these months where they’re free to keep their minds completely devoid of any arithmetic problems and should only fill it with stress-free pursuits. Yet according to National Center for Summer Learning at Johns Hopkins University, students will lose upwards of two months of grade level equivalency in skills over the summer months if they aren’t reading or partaking in educational activities during their summer break.

So what’s a parent- who is jockeying for her kid’s admission into a top level nursery school to do? I’m probably the wrong parent to ask, because my motto is that kids only get a shot a childhood once- and far be it from me to rob mine of this precious time- when they should feel unencumbered and free to spend hours coloring, hosting an action figure fest or just chillin on the couch with… a bowl of freshly watermelon..


NO I am not trying to raise the next generation of slackers and COMPLETELY value and respect those parents who believe that summer activities should include an educational component to them. But by the same token I also feel that my kids deserve a break from hitting the books- and so for us- summer is most importantly about hanging in the sun and being silly. This translates into; water gun fights, making orange juice ice pops- and going for long walks- and if they’re amenable to it- throwing in a few work books- or trying to insert an educational component to fun hands-on activities. The way I see it- my kids are facing a lifetime of paying their mortgage, health insurance and going to work… these summers and the opportunity to blow bubbles endlessly are fleeting- and so I feel it is incumbent on me as a aren’t to give me as many of these experiences as possible.

Of course– READING is not considered worky or academic in our house- so yes- we also do a Lot of reading!!

So Camp Mommyers you’re going to need to bring in the heavy artillery to keep them entertained until school starts and here are some ideas, to help you get started!

Check out the Summer Nature Staycation Planning Guide at which provides parents with a useful tool to plan a range of close-to-home activities, complete with great starter ideas and suggestions for families to use during their summer holiday. The Guide has been developed to be helpful to all families across the country – regardless of where they live, their kids’ ages, time available, or familiarity with nature, or if they want to do an activity outside or bring nature indoors.

Kim Carlson, eco-expert business owner, author and founder of EarthSmart Certified Sustainable Product Standard, is offering simple ways to enjoy the warm weather while carrying out some green practices.

 Go Hiking – It’s good exercise for the body and getting out in nature is a terrific stress reliever. As long as you follow the rule of “leave no trace.” The only footprint you’ll leave behind is a harmless one.

Take a Bike Ride – Bicycling has obvious leg and cardio benefits but it is also a petro and emissions free way to see some new sights. Remember to wear a helmet and follow traffic rules.

Grow Your Own – Organic gardening will bring you back to nature by giving you some mild exercise by bending, kneeling and digging. It is also a non-toxic way to raise your own veggies, herbs and flowers.

 Sponsor a Scavenger Hunt – Make it a green hunt by hiding earth-friendly prizes. It will help teach kids about the fun of being outside and give them an idea of what green means.

 Organic Picnic – Make an all organic lunch or dinner and eat it outside in the grass on an organic cotton throw. Don’t forget to use to-go ware utensils, basket/reusable bag and cloth napkins!



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