The last people my kids emulate are celebrities and athletes aka I don’t care what MILEY CYRUS DOES

Miley Cyrus is hell-bent on making one thing perfectly clear- she is NOT HANNAH MONTANA.  In fact, she is doing everything in her power short of starring in a TRIPLE X porno flick to let everyone and their mother know that SHE. IS. A Full-fledged adult. She has shaken off that saccharine sweet Disnified image- long, flowing highlighted curls sheared off- replaced by a shock of platinum blonde short hair and yes the girl has gotten inked and loves to dress as scantily as possible. But guess what? When she was that sweet, virginal country girl on Hannah Montana- I made it a point to make sure my kids knew she was just playing a part, and now as this tough rocker type of chick who sings about getting laid and stoned– this too is a part. She is playing a part- none of us knows who the real Ms. Cyrus is behind closed doors- and all her gyrations on stage at the VMA’s last night- only proves that she is simply heavily ensconced in promoting her latest part.

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The point is- what Miley does or doesn’t do- should have absolutely no bearing on what YOUR KIDS DO. They should never look to a celebrity, singer or athlete for inspiration , validation or leadership.  These people are in a business to make money- they are not on the business of trying to educate and empower anyone another than their already bulging bank accounts. And while I am all for my kids- loving a certain song, sport or fashion- and being inspired by pop culture when it comes to their personal aesthetic ( although I pray that aesthetic will not include getting inked) I am the first to remind them that for real inspiration THESE ARE NOT THE PEOPLE THEY SHOULD ASPIRE TO BE. I am the first to suggest alternative role models- like family, friends and community activists who while they might not get center stage to gyrate or twerk  at The Barclay’s Center- are the people they can glean all sorts of great ideas and knowledge from.

Parents–Let Billy Ray worry about his daughter Miley– and you-  well you can worry about YOUR kids.




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