Sibling Preparation- Helping to welcome your new bundle of joy and a Robeez GIVEAWAY!

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Okay-so you’ve done this before- you’ve gone through an entire pregnancy and actually given birth to a baby–and the first time around it was pretty uneventful… With my daughter- I didn’t appreciate my blissful big belly days– I stopped working at about my fourth month ( I was VERY fortunate, I can’t even imagine what it must be like to have to go to work everyday and fit into clothing other than those ginormous sweat pants and jersey shirts that I lounged in everyday for nine months straight–the last thing on my mind was looking sexy or even slightly presentable, although now they have such funky affordable preggers clothing, if I got pregnant now I’d go on a little shopping spree- my first stop of course would be Target and then Belly Button Maternity on New Dorp Lane!) But back to what I was initially saying, with my daughter all I did was worry about what my next meal was going to be, really, I’m being totally serious.

Sibling Preparation- Helping to welcome your new bundle of joy and a Robeez GIVEAWAY!

But when I got pregnant with my son, I had a three year old as well, and it was certainly a lot different. I think one of the toughest parts of my pregnancy- aside from those crazy and excruciating leg cramps in the middle of the night and having to sleep on my side- was helping acclimate my daughter to the fact that she was going to sort of lose her “top” spot with the arrival of her baby brother (I found out what the sex was as soon as I could and of course blabbed it to her- I am horrible at keeping secrets).

Sibling Preparation- Helping to welcome your new bundle of joy and a Robeez GIVEAWAY!

For some more great resources to help you and your kiddo with baby Number two’s arrival and a ROBEEZ giveaway keep reading…

Here are a few Gadgets to help Big Brothers and Sisters welcome their new baby sibling into the family!

Sibling Preparation- Helping to welcome your new bundle of joy and a Robeez GIVEAWAY!

Robeez, the original soft-soled shoes and booties for infants and toddlers! Robeez make the perfect addition to any tiny wardrobe and won’t break the bank (under $40!). They are also great gifts for parents-to-be, new parents, and your little loved ones!  Not only are Robeez footwear adorable, available in a variety of styles like espadrilles, rainboots and moccasins, they flex and bend with every step, promoting good balance and unrestricted growth and feature elasticized ankles to ensure a perfectly snug fit. Since 1994 Robeez has offered its signature, pediatric-endorsed products in sizes 0-24 months. In addition, Robeez has also partnered with Disney Baby to offer the Disney Baby Collection by Robeez, offering the essential health benefits that the brand has continuously offered with a variety of imaginative designs featuring everybody’s favorite Disney characters including Mickey and Minnie Mouse and Winnie the Pooh.

How will they help older bro/sis: Big Siblings can be part of the process of putting these shoes on their baby sibling and watching and even videotaping their very first steps!

Why kids will go gaga: My nephew LOVES the fact that his little bro gets to wear Robeez, with SKULLS!

Sibling preparation Helping to welcome your new bundle of joy

Inflatable Bath Cradle with White Hot technology.  The suction cup allows busy parents to hang dry the product after bathing the little munchkin safely and comfortably in the padded cradle that can be used in the bathtub or in a sink.  The patented White Hot® disc on the bottom of the duck alerts parents when the water is too hot for baby’s delicate skin – the blue disc turn white and reads “Hot” when water is too hot for baby.

How this helps older bro/sis: Big sibling can learn that babies need to be cared for and cleaned just like them.  They can help mom by blowing up the inflatable cradle and assist in bathing baby too!

Why kids go gaga: Big kids will like the fun pink and blue varieties and will be amazed by the White Hot technology – how’d that cradle get to be so smart???  Baby will be comfortable and loving life, in the padded and SAFE cradle. Available in Target stores and SRP – $11.99

White Hot Super Safety Bath Ducky.  Determining the safe water temperature for a child’s bath can be frightening for parents, but with Munchkin’s Safety Bath Ducky bath time will be worry free. These collectable duck characters have the special White Hot® disc at the bottom that alerts parents when the water is too hot to handle, then lets them know when it’s just right to bathe. Babies love the huggable size, and since it’s watertight, it won’t sink or mildew.

How this helps older bro/sis: Big sibling will realize a new addition isn’t an alien to the family and that they probably are interested in toys like baby too, because with this ducky kids of all ages will enjoy!!  Now big bro/sis can have fun playing with baby’s toys and know they’re not that different from the new kid on the block!

Why kids go gaga: Again, kids old and young will love playing with these duckies! Available at  SRP – $2.49

Dangly Buddy – When traveling, simply hook this friendly-faced buddy on the carrier bar of the car seat and sit back as your child giggles for hours watching the neck retract and vibrate as the arms see-saw back and forth and the body vibrates.  With these buddies (available in a giraffe and frog characters), children can learn cause and effect while on the go with mom. Great for children of all ages.

How this helps older bro/sis: Big sibling will see that babies enjoy fun, squishy toys too and will find enjoyment in their new sibling’s curiosity and will love giggling along with baby!

Why kids go gaga: Baby will be transfixed by bright colors and bright body.  Who doesn’t love giraffe and frog stuffed animals?!Available at Munchkin’s Online Store  SRP – $7.99

Ultimately navigating that often bumpy road of getting your kid used to the fact that they will now have a little sib in the house and that the changes this new little person will bring will be both positive and yes, a bit negative-is just one of the MANY adventures us parents get to take!  Let me know how it goes!

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  1. Eileen Smith says

    MY SON WOULD LOVE THESE ROBEEZ!!! just learning how to walk and these would be a perfect accessory to his wardrobe!!

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