Are you Savoring Your Kids and all their Preciousness?

Recently I m feeling so nostalgic, and yes slightly sad…in life we are constantly rushing to get the kids to school; “finish your breakfast”  is what I’m usually barking out to my daughter and son followed by “Quick, Quick!” and then it’s a mad dash to get dressed, brush their hair and get them out the door. But back to my little girl (who is NOT SO LITTLE anymore )and my boy who let me get a shot of him getting his recent haircut below.

Are you savoring your kids and all their preciousness?

So she had just gotten back from her ballet dance class- and she was still wearing her pink tights, and as she sat down to do her homework- I looked at her- and watched her- as she scrunched up her nose trying to make sense of her Math Homework, and how she stuck at her tongue and with such determination and concentration, wrote the words I asked her to spell.

I watched this girl, with her red hair tied neatly into a ponytail(which she does her self, so effortlessly!- I don’t even remember when she started brushing her own hair!) and I thought how I wish I could just freeze this moment in time, and just sit with it, and watch her for as long as I wished and savor her sweetness- her strawberry colored hair, the freckles that lightly dot her nose and her little arms–Of course I know if I expressed this to her- she would say-“Mommeeeee…!”

So I kept the thoughts to myself and tried to really be present in the moment; watch her do her homework, and listen patiently to her questions and let her come up with her own answers…it is so hard to do just that be present in the moment- even though my mind was racing with ten other things I needed to do. All while  my rescue Shih Tzu-old is in the other room- chewing on crayons or anything left in a nook and cranny  he can find and my eight year old asking me “WHO IS THE TALLEST MAN IN THE WORLD?” ( right now he is obsessed with accumulating as many facts as he can and incessantly quizzing me– I’m trying my best to remember these moments- this preciousness is fleeting and that I MUST take a moment to savor it….


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    I had goosebumps reading this. I find myself holding on tighter these days. It sometimes saddens me how fast they are growing but this process is such a blessing. I just need to add a Shih Tzu- in my mix :)

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