New York Giants Quarterback Eli Manning Shares His Thoughts on Fatherhood #PowerofDad

I am not a HUGE football fan. In fact I know very little about the sport and am still trying to figure out the difference between a first down and a field goal. That being said- I do know a thing or two about what it means to be a GOOD GUY. And I can say with all certainty after meeting Eli Manning and watching how gentle and loving he was with his daughter Ava, that he is one of the GOOD ONES. As a member of what’s been called “Football’s First Family,” Manning has had great success on the field. But in speaking with him it is clear that his most cherished memories have nothing to do with roaring crowds, smart plays or perfect passes; what he values most is the time he spends with his family, including his father, football great Archie Manning, and his two young daughters.

New York Giants Quarterback Eli Manning Shares His Thoughts on Fatherhood #PowerofDad

In football, like all sports there are good and bad people and Eli Manning remains an upstanding family man who takes pride in his reputation and the reputation of his famous family. And getting a chance to interview him at  Oral-B’s campaign  Power of dad with the March of Dimes which is all about honoring the little moments between fathers and their children (from reading a bedtime story, to playing catch, to making breakfast in pajamas) that power the biggest smiles- Manning made it clear that his most important job is not being a football player- rather it’s being a dad.“Winning football games is an incredible feeling, but there’s still nothing quite like throwing around the football with my dad in the front yard like I used to as a kid, or tucking my daughters in at night,” said Manning. “That’s why I’m proud to partner with Oral-B and March of Dimes this Father’s Day – to celebrate those little moments between fathers and children, no matter where they live or what they do.”

New York Giants Quarterback Eli Manning Shares His Thoughts on Fatherhood #PowerofDad

Here are a few of his off the cuff thoughts about being a Dad and Father’s day:

“Father’s day is all about being outside with my kids and being low-key.”

What Advice did he get from his dad about how to handle the LOSSES:

“We played a lot of sport growing up and we lost a lot of games and my dad all told us to be a good sport, congratulate the other team- and always keep our head up and that you are gong to lose some and that you have to work hard and hopefully you will win the next one.

On growing up with having a dad that traveled a lot

My dad traveled a good bit and I was the youngest of my brothers and it was just me and my mom and me and my mom were always really close- I talked to my dad a lot on the phone when he was traveling

On Parenting a kid who is involved in sports:

You have to understand that it is just a game and that the point of getting kids into sports at an early age is to build character and build leadership and for them to learn how to deal with success and failure and keeping a level  head no mater what the circumstance. As a parent  you have to be careful  not to set a bad example or be too competitive.

My dad  also never trued to live his athletic career or aspirations through us- And after a game he didn’t care about winning or losing  He would give us a hug and  remind us not take it too seriously.

The best piece of fatherhood he ever got:

It goes by quickly; you look up and they are graduating high school. Enjoy every moment you have with them and try to remember that every period you have with them is precious.

New York Giants Quarterback Eli Manning Shares His Thoughts on Fatherhood #PowerofDad

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New York Giants Quarterback Eli Manning Shares His Thoughts on Fatherhood #PowerofDad

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