My 8 year old and 12 year old share their thoughts on Disney’s Tomboy Princess, Merida’s makeover

I’m not going to lie- I’ve been seduced by the princess culture. I think so many of us who were raised on fairy tales- first  being  indoctrinated by them in the story books we’re read as kids and then watching these mythical princesses glide and float across a film and television screen. I think the princess culture speaks to us at our most primal level as women; these princesses are usually damsels in distress who originate as both helpless and scrappy young girls and then are magically transformed into swan-like creatures- and it is only then- after their transformations that their lives and happily ever afters TRULY take shape.

Of course this is MY experience with Princesses- and not necessarily my kids’ experience. But let me preface all this with one statement- I have never even conceived of the idea that my daughter will get her needs met- her inspiration or sense of empowerment and self from the MEDIA- Be it via A Disney Tomboy cartoon character or a real life Disney program actor.

Still with all the news of Disney taking its formerly LONE Princess Tomboy and sexifying and feminizing her- well I thought I’d ask my kids what they thought of her transformation. Here’s what they had to say.


So what are YOUR THOUGHTS on Merida’s Before and After Transformation?

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