Meet the Shmoozees and make a video with them to win big prizes and give your kid a chance to dance!

My son is one of those kids who waits for me to ask him to get in front of the camera. And if I tell him he has an opportunity to make a music video with his keyboard and a few plush friends in which he can be as silly as he wants- well…my kid is All. Over. It! So of course when the good folks at Shmoozes – who are currently  running a super fun contest for all their fans in which they can upload and share their Shmoozee inspired video throughout May and June and WIN big –asked if I’d like to get in on the action- my son said YES!
But before I share our creation– first you must Meet the Shmoozeesâ„¢
Shmoozees are squeezably soft… and so glamorous! They come in six different colors and patterns and each Shmoozee can be given its own name or you can have a name chosen for you using their Name Generator tool. You can even add your own jewelry to their ear resistible ears–Glam em up with Ear Resistible charms that pop or turn them into fluffy fashionable icons! AND when you turn out the lights your Shmoozeesâ„¢ glow-in-the-dark! Starting this Spring you can find Shmoozes at major retailers like Justice! Find out more at www.iluvshmoozee.comSo without further ado- here is our Shmoozee Music VIDEO!

And right now Shmoozee is running a super fun contest for all their fans!  Upload and share your Shmoozee inspired video throughout May and June and WIN!

Grand prize: $500 CASH

First prize: $250 CASH

Second prize: A complete set of Shmoozees ($60 value)

And lots of Shmoozees will be randomly given away throughout the contest!

So Be creative. Make it fun. Involve your kids. Sing a song.  Do a dance.  Host a Shmoozee fashion show showing your earring collection.

And if you like the Shmoozees FACEBOOK page, you will get an EXCLUSIVE coupon code for free shipping on Shmoozees!

This post is part of a sponsored campaign with Jay @Play. I received compensation for my participation but as is ALWAYS THE CASE all opinions are my own.

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