Jewish Women Unite: Join us and let your voice be heard we are the #JewishGirls

I’m a yeshivah girl. I was raised Modern Orthodox. I followed all the rules and I feared Gd. Then I fell down the rabbit hole of life. I started to question. I became disenchanted- and yes I also wanted to PISS MY MOTHER OFF ( which I can say I have paid for dearly ever since with her ENSUING Jewish guilt trips- but that is a POST FOR ANOTHER TIME).

Join us at #JewishGirls

I lived in an insular part of New York City where so many of my own experiences were mirrored by those around me. Back then there was no WORD WIDE INTERNET and my father was not very keen on getting exorbitant long distance telephone bills from calls to my Jewish friends in other parts of the country and world. I was very much relegated to interpret my experience in a vacuum.

Sure I have regrets, I have that Sideways prediction on what my life would be had I stayed in yeshivah instead of transferring to a public high school in tenth grade and how that one decision ultimately changed the trajectory of both my personal and professional life.  But I must admit one thing that has remained a constant in my life are the core values I learned as a kid in Yeshivah. They have ultimately informed every decision I’ve made- including the man I chose as my husband and the way I’ve decided to raise my kids- albeit not in the most traditional way but in a brand of Judaism that makes me feel good about living in this world.

Of course the internet has changed EVERYTHING- and has brought other Jewish women of so many backgrounds and histories into my life in a REALLY  powerful way. These women inspire me- force me to evaluate my own beliefs- test me and ultimately make me feel a stronger connection to the idea that no matter how you choose to identify as a JEW- us #JewishGirls are all connected- which lead me to this new series my Jewish sista from another mother the fabulous Carla Birnberg and I felt we needed to get off the ground.

There are no HARD AND FAST RULES- anyone who want to join- WE WELCOME YOU WITH OPEN ARMS… and so without further ado- here are our Blogging Prompts for the next two months. WE hope you will be inspired to write what is in your heart and use this hashtag so we can all share in your joy, your pain , your mundane or if you are like me your quest to quell that existential fear in your heart.

Writing prompt for the week of October 7th or 14th: So how’s the new year working out for you jewish girls: New year New Jew or still same old jew?
Writing prompt for the week of October 21: Day of rest- do you take it, what does it mean to you- how do you define it/ shabbat
Writing prompt for the week of October 28 : Halloween-do you do it?
Writing prompt for the week of November 4 : Love this Chanukah in a time of turkey?! Yay or NAY?
Writing prompt for the week of November 11: Hebrew school or yeshivah which are you? Does it not apply at all?
Writing prompt for the week of November18: Chanukah family traditions : Got any you’d like to share with the rest of us- or need some new ones to get inspired?
Writing prompt for the week of November 25: Do you have a relationship with your rabbi? Do you need a spiritual leader at all?

Just remember- WE want to see your posts and TRACK THEM AND SHARE THEM- so please remember to tag ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING you do with #JewishGirls!

WE are so excited to embark on this journey with you-

Kisses Carla Birnberg & Melissa Chapman




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