It is NEVER too early to begin Reading to and with your kids and I See Me! storybooks make it easier and more fun than ever!

So you’ve still got several weeks before school starts up and you are probably scrambling to find ways to keep your kids busy! And to be perfectly blunt- they’re already driving me slightly insane– those teachers are a G-d sent I honestly cannot imagine how they manage to keep these kids focused and working for a solid seven hours straight. I think I need a crash course in conduct management and a detailed minute-by-minute itinerary of exciting  and definitely not “boring” as my daughter continues to reiterate – activities that will both amuse and entertain them until school is back in session.
I See Me! Personalized books make it easy to get kids READING and more fun than ever!To that end I’ve found some pretty great books which, parents, I IMPLORE you to get your hands on and let your kids read them to each other, to you, to themselves…. this will not only fill up at least a half hour to 45 minutes of their time but you’ll feel better because they’re learning!

I See Me! offers personalized books and gifts for all celebrations from birth to 12 years old. Their mission is to increase self esteem in children through personalized books that celebrate the uniqueness of each child. The goal of their books is to show each child how absolutely unique and special he or she is, to teach the child how to spell his or her name, and to build vocabulary skills. I See Me! storybooks  personalizes the experience, makes kids feel special and might just motivate them when they might not  be otherwise inclined to READ.


And if we know one thing about kids it’s that they are INCREDIBLY egocentric- i.e. they LOVE when an activity revolves around them! And these personalized storybooks and experiences create that ideal setting!I See Me!  Award Winning books are also  popular among celebrities such as: Courtney Cox, Tiffani Theissen and Jessica Alba and with back to school right around the corner they’ve got some great products to personalize the experience!

Back to school with I See Me!

And here’s why you should get yourself at least one –or more  of these adorable -and truly stunning illustrated storybooks:

I See Me!

Not only are they cleverly illustrated and written- but as an added personal touch, this award-winning book includes the child’s birth date, a printed dedication from the sender. The stories are simple enough that older kids can easily read them to their younger siblings.


In addition to Personalized Storybooks  I See Me! Inc. offers lots of Personalized gifts as well:

I See Me! is definitely worth checking out and the investment! You can catch up with them on
Twitter:  @ISeeMe_Maia

This post is part of a sponsored conversation with I See Me! Personalized Storybooks but as is always the case all opinions expressed are my own!


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