Graduation gifts your kids will go gaga for

It’s graduation season– both wonderful and yet completely bittersweet. It’s one of those life cycles that are supposed to be joyous occasions- your kids made it through another grade, another milestone. And although I know i will be sitting in the audience of yet another school play- signifying the end of my son’s second grade year ( not quite a GRADUATION just yet) likely jockeying for position to get video and pictures of my kid, I feel suddenly struck by the magnitude of this moment. These ceremonies are no longer just about getting a shot of him singing, or fidgeting or mouthing the other kids parts (my kid literally learned everyone else’s part including his own) but more about the fact that he’s really growing up.

Everyone says, you blink and a few years go by, and you wonder where all the time went, and for me it’s a sentiment that rings so true and yet knowing that fact, I still don’t live in the moment and treasure every minute of the present the way I should. I’m too busy just trying to keep everything going; like spending hours searching the mall for a bathing cap for my daughter that she won’t balk at–if anyone has any idea where I can get one please e-mail me ASAP!) .

I guess these dedicated ceremonies are life’s way of forcing us to take a moment to stop and just enjoy our kids as we watch them; reveling in the magnificence of the part they said out loud in front of a room full of people, or listening to them sing with all their might, as every vein in their neck pops out.

Bottom line- enjoy your kids; toothy grins, tantrums, sloppy kisses and all and here are a few Graduation gifts from PB Teen that your kids will go gaga for and might just make the transition for parents a little less emotional and a bit more fun as they indulge in some retail therapy!

PBteen has a ton of ideas! A great way to help a grad transition from high school to college is to provide them with their favorite school logo  like these Collegiate Felt Pennants or to gift them some functional accessories, like classic organic bath towels or a classic GREEK robe.

The bottom line is the most thoughtful gifts are the most personal, so parents can give these practical PB TEEN items a special touch by adding their children’s initials to Classic leather beauty pouches and Monogrammed Beauty Organizers . Parents can also help brighten their kids’ new space with some of PB TEEN’s style tiles or with their dry erase calendars, which are a perfect touch to any dorm room.

And of course organization is essential for teens headed off to college, so prepare them with PBTEEN’s variety of jewelry boxes, beauty organizers and laundry bins and our FAVORITE;  a Dress form and matching jewelry dress form holder!.



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