Got baby? Get moving with our favorite babyriffic accessories and activities!

I’ve been there, too: a first-time mom with a six-month-old baby cemented to my hip. I refer to that period of my daughter’s life as “baby limbo” – when she was unable to sit up by herself, much less participate in any organized program, and she and I were essentially “stuck” in the house.

Each day was just a long continuation of the previous one: feedings, diaper changings, short cat naps, and I felt like the walls were slowly closing in on me. Taking her anywhere seemed like more trouble than it was worth; six years ago it was impossible to find a diaper-changing table in any establishment.

So I hunkered down, watched way too many talk shows and patiently counted down the hours until my husband came home from work to enjoy some adult conversation, which was really more like him watching “Seinfeld” reruns and nodding, while I poured my heart out to him about my feelings of isolation and general boredom with what I thought – or was told – were supposed to be the most blissful months of my life with my precious baby girl.

If you’re reading this and thinking, these sentiments are echoing my inner dialogue, you’ll be happy to know there are fairly inexpensive ways to get you and your lil’ one out of the house, taking part in activities designed specifically with your baby in mind. Just because you have an infant doesn’t mean you have to wait until he’s walking to finally leave the house.

Model mom Miranda Kerr is NOT letting her baby slow her down- she got this blinged out KOKOPAX from ELLEN photo courtesy of

Get yourself a KOKOPAX baby carrier and GET MOVING! kokopax® was founded in 2007 by Sarah Spoor, the mother of four young children. While trying to keep up with her 2-year old, 1-year-old and newborn, Sarah was introduced to the vintage lightweight carriers her parents had used when she and her siblings were babies.

Sarah and her husband, Lincoln, recognized the great benefits of being able to easily carry their babies while interacting with their other children, cooking, shopping, attending school activities and traveling with ease. The baby carrier became a necessity for everyday life. While on a trip to the Northwest, Sarah came across some beautiful fabric that inspired her to think of ways she could combine modern designs with the simple functionality of the older carriers. With this in mind, she embarked on a mission to develop a stylish, modern and lightweight framed carrier that could be used every day, everywhere.

The KOKOPAX baby carrier PRODUCT LINE: includes:-kokopax eco-classic carrierâ„¢ -kokopax classic carrierâ„¢ -kokopax city carrierâ„¢ -samantha diaper toteâ„¢ -savannah baby sun hatâ„¢ -eco baby sun hatâ„¢
-kokoâ„¢ plush monkey made with organic velour -pax protectorâ„¢ cloth made with organic

For more information on Kokopax and all its accessories and especially it’s baby carriers which will help readers get moving–check out kokopax on facebook at for news of special promotions, new product introductions and more.


The Joan and Alan Bernikow Jewish Community Center brand-spankin’ new 25-yard heated pool is the perfect place to take a swimming class with your baby and help them acclimate to the water, improve their muscle tone, coordination and mobility. And when you’re done splashing around, you can take full advantage of its sumptuous spa, handy changing tables and its supply of towels, soap and shampoo – which means less items to cram into your diaper bag!

Address: 1466 Manor Rd., Sea View.

Put your child on the path to swimming. Introduces infants/toddlers to the pool with the comfort of their caregiver. An adult must accompany the child in the pool for the entire
lesson. 5 week sessions. Session II Sunday, May 20, 10:15-11am 12AQ184S Fee: $150M/$225NM

Age appeal: Six months to two and a half years old.

What babies will go gaga for: Splashing around in the pool playing with kickboards and noodles.

Parent perks: Great bonding experience; parents can help build up their baby’s confidence in the water, and socialize with other like-minded parents.

Drawbacks: If you don’t like being in the pool or wearing a bathing suit; the class requires a parent to be in the water with their baby at all times. Overall

The best possible way to introduce your baby to swimming.

Information: JCC Aquatics, 718-475-5215


New York City’s hottest dance clubs are being transformed into child-friendly discos, where babies and parents can take a break from the routine playground circuit and literally let loose for some post-naptime, pre-dinner fun. This afternoon dance party features classic ’70’s and ’80’s disco tunes spun and mixed by real DJs and guaranteed to get little booties moving and grooving.

While Babies will go gaga for Dancing with Mommy, bubble machines and music.Parents will enjoy Grown-up music, a cash bar for non-driving parents, dancing at some of the city’s nightclubs – with their kids in tow!Drawbacks It’s not for everybody, so if you didn’t enjoy going out dancing when you were a pretty young thing, you won’t like Baby Loves Disco. It will likely be the best time you’ve EVER had at a kid’s event! Information


Finally, a workout program for new mommies (dads are welcome to come along for free) that uses the stroller (while their baby is snug inside) as a fitness apparatus to get in shape. An ideal way for moms to shed some baby weight, increase their energy and be with their children, all at the same time.
What babies will go gaga for: Watching their moms move and strut right before their eyes. Parents will get a cardio workout without having to pay a sitter, or experience separation anxiety. Drawbacks Currently classes are only in Manhattan, but if you’re a mother who wants to start a Strollercize class in your neighborhood, check out the Web site for details about its certification program. Overall:Exercise that’s good for you and your baby.

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