Get your Beauty DIY on this weekend and bond with your daughter too!

When the weather is KILLER cold outside- what can a mom and her daughter do to beat the freeze? How about getting their Beauty DIY on! Kids hair authority and author of Cozy’s Complete Guide to Girl’s Hair, Cozy Friedman and beauty expert and author of Bonding Over Beauty: The Beauty Recipes, Erika Katz have created some cute do-it-yourself hairstyles and beauty remedy recipes that are the quintessential  D.I.Y. activities and perfect for mothers and daughters to share!

Erika’ s Carrot Honey Nourishing Mask

Erika Katz, knows a thing or two about pampering. So why not share this beautify recipe with your  daughter for the ultimate bonding experience. The carrot honey mask is a wonderfully refreshing mask. The vitamin A found in carrots combined with the vitamin C in the orange reduces redness and helps with collagen production.

What You’ll Need:
1/3 cup carrot juice, bottled
The pulp of half an orange
1 teaspoon honey
1 teaspoon white flour, optional

To Make:
Mix ingredients together well. If mixture feels watery, add a teaspoon of white flour. This mask can keep in the refrigerator for up to two weeks.
To Use:
Brush the mixture all over face and neck. Leave on for 5 minutes and rinse with warm water.

The Hippie Chick

 There’s nothing fussy or frilly about this all-natural flower power hairstyle, so of course Cozy calls this look The Hippie Chick. Do this fun and trendy hairstyle with your little one!
What you’ll need:
Mini elastics
Feather accessories
Step 1:Part combed hair in the center.
Step 2: On one side of the part near the hairline, pick up a 1-inch section of hair and braid it.  Secure with a small ponytail holder.
Step 3:Repeat on the other side of the part, to create a second braid. Join the ends of the two braids together with a small ponytail holder at the back of the head. Leave the remaining hair loose, flowing, and natural.
Step 4: Accessorize with a cute, trendy accessory like a feather.

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