Every baby deserves ROYAL Treatment and Fisher Price is UP to the challenge: Win their ROYAL Bath and Body line

Congrats to our winner Jill!

That’s right my house no longer boasts the pitter patter of teeny tiny feet or the distinct wailing of a newborn. The bottles, high chairs and cribs have long been handed down to other babies and we have long since bid a fond farewell to my son’s kitchen booster seat. I have to admit it is bittersweet ridding my house the baby and toddler accouterments, albeit freeing up space to gather more action figures and stuffed animals, as it symbolizes the end of an era… the next baby/toddler to grace our lives will be a grandchild in the very far-off future.

And so, to be perfectly honest, I am not yet ready to completely and utterly part with
that phase of my life. But the truth is– there are also certain baby products that my kids and I will TOTALLY use and with all the excitement around the newest royal heir, scheduled to be born any day now,  I was VERY INTRIGUED with some of products Fisher-Price  has which are helping parents cater to their own brood with some  “royal” treatment.

From basic gear and fun toys to their new Bath & Body line, Fisher-Price offers all the essentials to make every baby’s first year a royal success. Fisher-Price has a wide line of baby products that are great shower gifts, or for those of you who are looking to treat your baby to a little royal pampering ! Here are  few that are on our radar and are MUST-haves this summer !

The Snugamonkey Cradle n’ Swing or Snugamonkey Bouncer snuggly soft so your precious little one can rest her royal head 

My Little SnugaMonkey Cradle ’n Swing: Price: $165.00

Customize baby’s comfort in so many ways! Choose from 2 different swinging motions—side-to-side or head-to-toe—whatever baby likes best. (P.S. So easy to convert from one to the other!) Six swing speeds offer baby variety, as well as 16 songs & 2 nature sounds to soothe or entertain. The motorized mobile spins and so do the flowers, which fosters sensory skills for baby. Mom can choose just swinging or any combination of swinging, music and mobile for baby’s soothing. Also for mom: there’s a plug-in option that saves on batteries, the seat pad and infant support is machine washable, and the legs on the sturdy steel frame fold in for storage & portability. Requires 4 D batteries, not included.


Royal Stepstool Potty™ The Royal Potty – With royal “dooties” just around the corner, so potty training isn’t a royal pain Price: $20.00


Now your little majesty can enjoy a throne of their own! You’ll love training your little prince or princess with the Royal Potty because it has a reward system built right in, and plays different tunes – a musical reward for your child’s potty progress. The royal potty can also be used attached to a regular toilet seat, complete with royal tunes (not recommended for use on padded toilet seats). And when your child needs to wash up after going to the bathroom, this potty chair converts to a handy stepstool! Perfect for helping your toddler reach the sink! Bowl removes easily for cleanup. Deflector shield included. The chair features removable legs for easy storage. Requires 3 AA batteries (not included).

The NEW Bath & Body line,  fit for the delicate skin of your new prince or princess

As babies grow and change, so does their skin.  That’s why we’ve developed a bath & body line that  addresses the unique needs of newborn, infant and toddler skin.   Made with gentle, natural, and organic ingredients.
Organic Aloe, Chamomile Shea Butter Contains no icky stuff, only what babies need.
No dyes, No parabens , No phthalates and No mineral oil
And Friendly characters on the bottles share bathing tips that are specific to each growth stage.

And guess what? We are giving six of these new Fisher Price Bath & Body line products  to one lucky  because every baby deserves ROYAL treatment!

#1 Foaming Hand soap: Naturally fortified mild hand soap  eliminates dirt, oil, and bacteria without  irritating young skin.  Enriched with organic Chamomile and  Aloe Fun character shaped bottle. Fresh toddler fragrance Helpful Tip:  How long to wash?  Sing the  Happy Birthday’ song two times!

#2 2-in-1  Shampoo + Body Wash All-in-one cleanser and shampoo gently cleans without over-drying or irritating delicate skin and hair. Enriched with organic Chamomile and Aloe Snuggly, baby-soft fragrance Helpful Tip: Head, shoulders, knees & toes…  make bath time fun, calling out body parts  as you go!

#3 Soothing Body Cream Formulated with organic Aloe and Shea  Butter. This rich Soothing Body Cream  hydrates sensitive infant skin. Enriched with organic Shea Butter,  Chamomile and Aloe Snuggly, baby-soft fragrance Helpful Tip:  Moisturize baby a few times a  day for cuddly, soft skin.

#4  Moisturizing Lotion: Gentle enough for daily use, this moisturizing  lotion absorbs quickly for cuddly, soft skin
Enriched with organic Shea Butter, Chamomile and Aloe Snuggly, baby-soft fragrance Helpful Tip:  The perfect pre-snuggle  moisturizer for delicate skin.

#5 Bubble Bath: Bath time and play time in one, this natural bubble bath creates a rich,  moisturizing foam for bath tub fun! Enriched with organic Chamomile and Aloe Fresh toddler fragrance  Helpful Tip:  Bath time?  Try play time!  1, 2, 3… how many bubbles do you see?

#6 Sensitive Skin Soothing Treatment: Helps relieve blemishes, chafing, and other irritations that commonly occur on newborn skin. Enriched with organic Shea Butter Fragrance Free Helpful Tip:  Apply to help relieve skin irritation.  Suggle.  Kiss.  Repeat.

For a chance to win all these products leave a comment on this blog post with one thing you do to treat your baby like a ROYAL!.  For a second entry you can Follow @MelissaSChapman on Twitter and Retweet this giveaway! For a Third entry you can Like The Staten Island family on facebook! For a fourth entry you can follow MelissaSChapmanwriter on Instagram and for a fifth entry you can follow @MelissaSchapman on Pinterest Good luck! Giveaway ends July 22nd!


  1. elizabeth miller says

    I like to treat my little one special by warm relaxing baths followed by lotion followed by a book and lullibies I customize to spell their name in

  2. Nancy says

    We treat our babies like royalty because we read to them all the time and they are the prince and princess in the kingdom of books!

  3. Abby Caraway says

    I give each child individual time. Even if it is 5 minutes, they each get their own time with just me.

  4. Olivia Rubin says

    Royalty..who else but royalty gets spoon fed (not a silver spoon though), butt wiped and every beckon call responded to after crying! I say that’s royalty.

  5. Jennifer says

    Lots of hugs and kisses!! And I make sure they are dolled up for the girls and handsome for my boys!

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