Celebrate July 4th and All Summer Long with Delicious Organic Healthy treats your kids will go gaga for

From sports practice to swimming lessons and even road trips, the summer can be hectic and most of the time eating on the go isn’t the most nourishing. This year- instead of throwing a bag of chips or a pack of cookies into the car or your kids’ backpacks, try substituting fattening, sugary or salty foods with items you can feel good about feeding your kids. Bonus: each of these snacks contains omega-3 DHA,which has been shown to help improve reading scores among children. And since before you know it it will soon be back to school and packing snacks and lunch time…I’ve done a bit of taste testing and here are a few  treats that get both my and my kids fervent thumbs up…

1. New Super Squeezies Omega-3 DHA Tubes: The first non-dairy pudding comes in a handy tube and is a perfect better-for-you sweet treat for kids. It comes in chocolate fudge and strawberry banana.

2. Horizon Organic milk boxes with DHA omega-3: These single-serve milk boxes are also a great source of omega-3 DHA. You will love giving them an alternative to sugary juice pouches and the kids will love the taste of chocolate or vanilla milk with lunch.

3. Mission Life Balance flour tortilla Peanut butter roll-ups: Another grab-and-go snack kids are sure to enjoy is a peanut butter roll-up on a tortilla. Simply lay out a Mission Life Balance flour tortilla, which is fortified with 23 vitamins and minerals, spread some peanut butter on it and top with banana slices. Finish by rolling it up and sending it along for a filling snack.

Still not convinced? My eight year old shares his thoughts!


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