As a parent do you encourage your kids to engage in fantasy?

After clocking 41 years on this planet, I know my kids will be the recipients of their fair share of disappointments.

I realize, despite my desire to wield omnipresent control over their life circumstances, my parental desire to control their fate is as ludicrous as thinking a shot of Botox is the key to an eternal fountain of youth. Of course, I’d prefer to hand-pick and test-drive the opportunities that lay before my kids, so as not to let them feel even one shred of unhappiness.

But I also realize I must encourage them to seize each day and thought, ultimately giving them their wings and letting them go. So, while I still have them close to me, I’m determined to provide them with every opportunity to indulge their sense of fantasy and adventure. And when my nine-year-old, who’s currently convinced that the job of a pirate is his for the taking, provided he don an eye patch and repeatedly utter, “Ahoy there maties,” I’m the very first person to agree.

Unfortunately, he’ll learn soon enough a pirate’s life is not all it’s cracked up to be. And when my daughter tells me she wants to be a stylist, I buy her a sketch pad and tell her to start designing. Right here, right now, in childhood all they can conceive is theirs for the taking.

So if you are a parent like me, eager to let your kids basks in fantasy and adventure, what do you do to encourage your kids to nurture their adventurous side? Me; I’ve happily converted my living room into Captain Hook’s lair – and am even getting the hang of pirate speak.


  1. amanda says

    I am the proud mother of a three, soon to be four, year old… Who will grow up to be a mermaid. I can’t wait, lol.

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