5 Fun Ways to Organize and Redecorate a Child’s Bedroom and a $149 DiaNoche Designs GIVEAWAY!

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The beginning of a new school year is a great time to start thinking about organizing your child’s bedroom. Toys leftover from playtime during summer vacation should be put away and space should be cleared for a clean environment that’s good for doing homework.

5 Ways to Organize And Redecorate  A  Child's Bedroom  And a $149  DiaNoche Designs  GIVEAWAY!

Having a clean, open space will make it much easier for your child to concentrate on his or her studies. A well-organized bedroom will have plenty of storage for toys, clothes, and school supplies each in their own space making clean up easy for moms and kids. Start the school year right with these five tips to organize your child’s bedroom, save space and create an environment that is reflective of their personality and emanates joy!

1.Decorate the room with multi-purpose products that do Double Duty

Add decoration to your child’s room with cork boards, multi-pocket organizers, and more. A cork board can display pictures, homework reminders, artwork, and notes from friends that will eliminate clutter that can easily pile up on desks, bureaus and night stands; at the same time multi-purpose organizers keep your child organized for school. Hang multi-pocket organizers on the inside of closet doors to hold hair accessories, cold weather gear, sunglasses, hats, shoes, jewelry, pens and pencils, or small toys. Look for seating that doubles as storage such as removable cushion-topped ottomans with space where you can stash small toys.

And one of my FAVORITE ways to decorate a child’s room is with DiaNoche Designs Illuminated Wall Art–  the perfect nightlight for the nursery, your children’s bedroom, a dark hallway, dull living room, or any wall or space that needs radiance. Their Signature Illuminated Wall Art, bedding, shower curtains, canvas wall art, and more feature  images of artists’ original works  and enliven a space during the day, while calming Illuminated Wall Art creates ambiance at night with the flip of a switch.

All of their artistic products are made in the USA from the BEST quality materials available. Want something custom? Just ask! They can turn photos, company logos, children’s artwork and more into an amazing artistic masterpiece on any of our products! Gift Certificates are also available for purchase.

5 Ways to Organize Redecorate  A  Child's Bedroom  And a $149  DiaNoche Designs  GIVEAWAY!

DiaNoche Designs allow kids  to make a personal connection with their art and space and express themselves in a new way, create something together with their loved ones, or design a conversation piece that will get used every day. DiaNoche Designs uses images from artists all over the world to create Illuminated Art, Canvas Art, Sheets, Pillows, Shower Curtains, Duvet Covers, Blankets and many other items that you can print to. Take a minute to get to know their artists too! More than 70 artists from Indonesia, USA, Israel, Ireland, Australia, Spain, England, Norway and many other countries share their stories and inspirations for their art on their site.

2. Buy storage containers, bags, or a toy chest

Teach your children to put away their own toys to help clean up their rooms. You can purchase storage containers and label each container for puzzles, blocks, cars, dolls, etc. Or you can buy ZizzyBee Bags, multi-use storage bags that are eco-friendly, washable and reusable. ZizzyBee Bags are see-through and are perfect for organizing clutter in your child’s bedroom (great for adults’ clutter too!). With ZizzyBee, kids can easily see what goes in which bag making the clean-up process easy and quick. A toy chest in your child’s bedroom is also a good place to keep larger toys, games and stuffed animals off the bedroom floor. ZizzyBee Bags can be found online at www.zizzybeebags.com and are sold in 3 packs ranging from $15.99 – $19.99. Use promo code “back2school” at checkout to get 20% off!

3. Clean out any old toys and clothes 

The best way to save space in your child’s bedroom is to make space by getting rid of any old toys, books, supplies, and clothes that are no longer used. Get your child to help you put things into piles sorted by what they want to keep, what they would like to give away, and what to just get rid of. Take a trip to your local Goodwill or Salvation Army and donate your gently used toys or clothing your kids have outgrown.

4. Create a designated creativity space

If your child is into arts and crafts, add an activity table with drawers for paper and supplies to keep everything contained to the table. Kids who love playing with blocks or dress up clothes can have a small space with a bin for blocks, cars, puzzles, etc. or a bin with dress up clothes in a small corner of the room.  For school-aged children having a desk in the room can be essential for getting homework and studying done; a desk is also great for extra storage areas.

5. Make the most of small spaces

Small bedrooms and closets can hold portable shelving units, fabric bins, drawer dividers, and hooks for more usable space. Fabric bins on closet shelves keep everything organized neatly as well as drawer dividers when drawer space is tight. Hooks make a great hanging space for jackets, hats, jewelry, and backpacks. Use shelving units to keep toys and books off the floor for more floor space.

Having several storage options in your child’s room will encourage them to keep it tidy and clean and they will look forward to playing and studying in their own space. Even a small bedroom can be kept organized when you use a little creativity and give your child a regularly scheduled clean up time.

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