3 tips to maintain your weight loss for GOOD!

I have never been one to base my self worth on the numbers on a scale-but when I went for  my annual physical- and stripped down to my bra and undies (determined to get as many pounds off that scale number as possible) at four feet eleven inches tall while I thought I looked good my doctor felt weighing in at 142 pounds it was time I took my health seriously.

3 tips to maintain your weight loss for GOOD!Did, at that very moment I want to DECK my internist? No, because she was just relaying the facts- which were that based on my height, I was teetering precariously close to obesity. And the thing about gaining those extra 27 pounds it was a gradual process. It didn’t happen overnight. It was like watching grass grow- and as my jean size increased, well I just bought bigger jeans, I wore longer sweaters and I went blonder. For some reason I thought if my hair was really light it would take away the focus from my bum.

I needed to be ready. I needed to be accountable. So I got myself a trainer. And I made my husband be the food police. I know I told him he could smack my hand if I reached for something naughty.  And I feel proud to say after many many month I have lost those 27 pounds. But I still have more to go, and I still need to be accountable to someone other than my husband- who is getting quite heady with power at this point. I need my girls- I need other women- to encourage, inspire and root for me, as I root for them. Oh and if you add a little money into the mix well that just makes the journey that much sweeter.

So of course since that appointment I have changed my life. Everything about it. However, losing weight is not about the actual weight loss. What I’ve come to learn is that weight loss successis about  about maintaining the weight loss and learning how to life a healthy lifestyle.  So here are my TOP 3 tips to maintain your weight loss for good!


#1 Find your cheerleaders and like-minded individuals who share your passion and desire to maintain your weight loss:  I’m ALWAYS on the hunt for resources that will aid my ability to MAINTAIN and am loving being able to use social media as a way to keep me accountable and on my best behavior. I’ve come across this AWESOMETASTIC  new list of  THE Top50 Most Social Media Friendly Health All-Stars and I have to admit I wasn’t following very many of them- but am now religiously checking in with their tips, tricks and their inspirational words.

#2 DO NOT ALLOW yourself to become a human garbage can. As parents it is SO easy to see your kids’ plate of half eaten mac n’ cheese, or to grab a handful of those treats your kid brought home from a party. But as I’ve learned during this process that type of mindless grazing can stack up to big poundage. You need to really be mindful of every morsel- big or small that you put down your gullet. IT ALL ADDS UP- yes even those lil bites here and there of your kids’ peanut butter cups.

#3 If  you Fall off the wagon- get RIGHT BACK ON! I’m not going to lie- I’ve had those days where I have eaten more than a bowl full of ice ream- even though my intention was JUST to have one scoop. It happens to the best of us- and then it becomes like a snowball effect and you figure- well I’ve eaten so much I’m  just going to keep on eating. And that’s where and when you have to CUT YOUR LOSSES and get back on the wagon. We all veer off the path  every now and again- but it’s how we manage to get back on track that is a true testament to our character and will to keep the weight loss maintained!

Of course I am ALWAYS looking for inspiration and advice- if you’ve got any to share- please do!



  1. says

    I use the My Fitness Pal app to help me keep track of my calories. It keeps me motivated to work out too because it calculates how many calories I burn and then adds that number to my daily calorie intake. I’ve lost all my baby weight from my 1 yr. old son (35lbs.) and then some with this app! :)

  2. says

    It is so hard. A daily struggle. I finally resorted to counting calories on My FItness Pal. I also like getting the feedback on my workouts. Your tips are bang on. I would add to that – stay away from the wine. That adds on pounds AND reduces your resolve not to overeat. :-)

  3. Krish says

    I work in the office 8hrs a day every break time, I see to it that I eat my meals and get back to work always sitting and facing the wide screen of my monitor. Just a few months after the time I started working in that company I gained several Lbs. and lost track of my Ohhh so dream body. But I met someone who inspired me to get back on track 😉 We use My Fitness Pal app also. Atleast living a healthy lifestyle despite the busy schedules.

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