3 things I Learned about Parenting this Week

Just when I think I know all there is to know about parenting- I mean I have had a kid for the past 13 years -I realize there is still so much I have yet to learn. As a parent you spend so much of your week just trying to keep the ship going–the kids’ in their routines, the homework done, the play dates, the sports, the veggies eaten that sometimes you forget to exist in the moment. To truly be present in this period of your child’s life- and basically JUST SLOW DOWN, REALLY hear what they are saying and savor them and all their preciousness.

3 things I learned about parenting this week

#1 You don’t need to take a plane to California to give your kid a good time. So I was invited to  a TV Network junket in California and my kid was invited too. But here’s the thing-we all think we need to constantly provide entertainment to our kids. That just being with them could not possibly be enough. That they need face paining, cotton candy and to meet  celebrities , because as parents– just a day hanging with us could not possibly be enough. But the truth of the matter is that, I just don’t have the strength or the manpower to jet off to California for two days and wow my kid. I’ve done so many of these jumping through hoops type of shindigs for my kids- and while the initial sparkly red carpet WOWS them– I often find their most enduring memories are the simplest moments from those larger than life experiences. And so while I hated to decline the trip-after my son played basketball and we watched a Twilight Zone episode on NETFLIX an he told me how he had , ” THE BEST DAY OF HIS LIFE”  I realized that kids- or at least my kids will have a good time no matter what we do for them. They just want to be with us.

#2 I should probably consult with my 12 year old before making any more Youtube videos. The truth is my 12 year old is far more tech savvy than her dad and me. She is the one who set up our  NETFLIX and her dad’s new iphone and most recently told me I need to revamp my YouTube videos and start filming stuff, “People will actually WANT TO WATCH” and I’m doing Instagram all wrong. Well she does have over 4,000 followers on Instagram and she does watch plenty of YOUTUBE videos- so I’m thinking I should probably pay her a consultant fee and have her audit all my social media accounts. I can pay her in lip gloss and hugs right?!

#3 My kids are listening even when I think they are completely ignoring me. I take my son to a gym class and I usually bring a change of clothes for him- so he can get his gym on properly. But this past week when I gave him his pants and t-shirt to change into after school he said, ” No mommy that’s okay, I’d rather not wear them this way you don’t have to fight with daddy about washing more clothes.” I looked at him and my heart SANK INTO MY CHEST. WHAT?? Has he actually been listening to my husband and I argue about the laundry? Do I want him to feel in some way that HE is at all a part of it and that he can keep us from going at each other?! Suffice it to say that one sentence from him was a MAJOR reality check.


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