11 DIY Projects that Kids Can Dig their Little Hands Into!

Are you a DIY-er? If you are, there’s no reason not to get your kid in on the act as well! And even if you have TWO LEFT THUMBS (LIKE ME) There’s you don’t need to be a Martha Stewartesque type to get down and dirty as a DIYer all you need is patience!

Virginia Bentz, Ph.D. Parenting author of the www.QuickGuidetoGoodKids.com. Offers a few quick ways you and your kids can get your DIY on:

#1 Painting projects are lots of fun with kids. It’s not dangerous, you have all kinds of drop cloths and other safeguards down, and they feel they are doing real adult work, being wholly trusted. It’s creative and relaxing slapping new color on. Some few caveats for handling it better, but on the whole, a fun experience ending in home improvement.

#2 Cleaning out too-small clothes and too-juvenile toys for yard sale and donation to charity. Can’t fit in new stuff without unloading the old!

 #3 Starting a compost heap. This is so great for recycling efforts. Kids learn what can be productively decomposed in a reasonable manner, and can watch how it works.

#4 Planting together. It’s just digging in the dirt! Some seeds will come up, some won’t. Kids can watch and water and weed all summer, after deciding what they want to grow — flowers, tomatoes, cucumbers, strawberries, whatever!

And Lowe’s has some easy projects that will keep their hands off the remote control and onto something more productive. Instead of spending sunny days lounging inside, try some of these outdoor projects with your kids:

#5 Construct a Teepee Hideaway
Ignite your children’s imaginations by creating this one-of-a-kind hideout using six, 8- to 12-foot poles. Pull them together at the top, fasten with twine and spread poles out in an eight-foot-diameter circle, leaving extra space between two poles for the entrance. String clothesline around the teepee to support the grid structure and plant your vine of choice.

 #6 Personalize a Flower Pot
Personalize a flower pot with new Valspar or Olympic paint samples. These eight-ounce paint cans are available in thousands of colors and can even be custom-matched to any color you provide. Once dry, plant a flower and watch it grow!

 #7 Tic-Tac-Toe
From Lowe’s Creative Ideas Magazine, create a game made for the outdoors that is easy to make and store. All you need is a drop-cloth, paint sample can in your favorite color, painters tape and PVC accessories. Use the painters tape to mark off squares on the drop cloth, paint your blocks and the PVC in another color to use for your X’s and O’s. Allow each to dry and enjoy a friendly game.

 #8 Limbo
Another great idea from Lowe’s Creative Ideas – build the ultimate backyard limbo game for children and adults alike. See how low you can go with PVC pipe and an assortment of colorful electrical tape. Visit www.lowescreativeideas.com/games for detailed instructions.

#9 Build a Playground
For days you just can’t make it to the park together, have no fear. With a do-it-yourself kit from Lowe’s, you can have a playground in your very own backyard – providing hours of care-free summer fun. The modular play set provides hours of entertainment and can have additions added on in the future, including monkey bars.

 # 10 Create a Bird Haven
Join the 25 percent of Americans who consider themselves bird watchers by adding feeders and houses to your yard, porch or deck. Fill them with seed or nectar and enjoy learning about your local species as they visit your backyard.

#11 Plant a Vegetable Garden
Make sure your children eat their veggies this year by planting and growing them together. Lowe’s has everything you need to create the perfect outdoor vegetable garden, from tomato plants and gardening hoes to planting soil and fertilizer. Growing your own vegetables is good for the environment, your health and is fun for you and your children.

For EVEN more ideas, visit  Lowe’s Creative Ideas !

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